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 llano Wheels, UK, Europe and Australasia

             At VAD we select the Finest Wheel Manufacturers from around the World  

 Concave Profile

Extended Lip Profile

1 Piece & 3 Piece

Concave profiles are available with up to a 5'' concavity, depending on the vehicle, wheel width and offset used, the lower the offset (et) the deeper the concavity.

On some applications we also have a deep lip option combined with deep concave profile which gives the benefits of aggressive deep rim with maximum concavity.

Forged Concave wheel designs are available in shallow or deep profiles from selected forged wheel manufacturers In 1, 2 and 3 piece configurations.

Vellano Forged Wheels offers Extended
Lip Technology, by machining the centre
from a deeper forging, they are able to increase the lip size by up to 2 inches over their standard lip size on most applications.

This provides for a more aggressive look which
is especially desirable for the rear wheels.

1, 2 & 3 piece wheels are available from our finest selection of forged Wheel manufactures, for all budgets and applications, from the ultimate Light weight 1 piece Monoblock wheels to our elegant 3 piece forged wheels  In various sizes and configurations available from 18” > 26” in most designs.

Selected manufactures now offer entry level
2 piece forged wheel designs.

Why have cast when you can have forged.